Upsilon is a contemporary art venue that focuses on the fragility of an immaterial space.
Upsilon considers cyberspace as an exhibition space as well as an in situ work site.
Upsilon provides, in addition to this website, a visual database.



Armand Morin
October 21 - december 25/2011

GRÉGAIRE deals with species living in group, being connected with impulses, rites and common movements. The gregariousness appeals to an instinct, a mechanic which develops without social hierarchy. This ancestral characteristic makes the strength of certain species, in the sacrifice of the individual. GRÉGAIRE is the common theme highlighted by CARTE and UPSILON. Developing under the shape of two publications and an online residencie, GRÉGAIRE moves in strong social connotations (business card and internet networks). For Nofound_photofair, GRÉGAIRE also displays constraints of time and space (one place, four days), and proposes an exhibition of artists invited by CARTE and UPSILON. The social contact and the valuation of the social groups are in the heart of the individual construction. By their formal constraints, CARTE and UPSILON invite some artists to question this notion through tools about socialization. The extension of this project in the space of the fair enriches their common proposition what's the GRÉGAIRE instinct's place when the group becomes ultra-social ? Majority community obligation or instant's result ?


A proposition by upsilon designed by Selena Swift
August 05 - October 16/2011

Click click smiling,
click crying,
click click click thinking,
click click disapointing,
click interesting,
click click click ...


Guillaume Aubry
June 10 - July 31 / 2011

The act confronts and draws us to a position of no-return.
At the occasion of his online residency, Guillaume Aubry proposes an introspective analysis of his emerging work.


Jérôme Allavena
April 01 - June 05 / 2011

The volume will take shape in a pattern’s recurrence.In the limits of a predefined framework, the
(de-)constructed shape moves itself by playing with the facets to be seen.

Mélanie Vincent
Camille Laurelli
January 28 - March 27 / 2011

Unknown unveiling in the frame, frozen by the raw and elusive light...
The image will appear when you click on it .

Au commencement
Léa Habourdin
November 19 / 2010 - January 23 / 2011

To follow an impenetrable border : the abyss between human being and animal which testifies of an impossibility, a constant observation which lies between curiosity and incomprehension.
This could be the bet of Léa Habourdin.
Au commencement (At the beginning) shows representations of “wild stage” and the lure of depicting are displayed.

Lé sanglo lon dé violon 2 lotone blesse mon ceur d’1 langueur monoton
Samuel Moncharmont
September 16 - November 14 / 2010

Music as scenery is the starting point or anchor to the work.
Pop music is the pretexte and pre-material to the construction of visual or sonic spaces.
Types of music, songs, or choruses are subjected to an adaptation process, to a translation into images, installations or videos.
Samuel Moncharmont collects ; he piles and compiles ; he re-plays cult references that have become part of the popular culture ; he dissects or disassembles them ; he works on them in their failures and disagreements ; a system leading to a form of rewriting.

Céline Ohanessian